Kekurangan itu bisa menjadi karisma tersendiri, Aku bersyukur menjadi diriku, tak ada orang yang sepertiku. Risna, kamu harus beryukur tiap saat yah! Kalo lupa, tilawah hari ini nambah satu lembar. Janji?

Jumat, 24 Juli 2009


Risna was born in Samarinda, on November 13th 1989. She comes from a simple family. When she was baby, she lived in Sedulang, a southback area in Kalimantan Timur. However, 5 years later, she moved to Muara Kaman because her parents must teach there. Additionally, On January 20th 1995 her first sister was born named Fiqi Yolanda.
The first daughter of Isnaniah and Syahrani entered elementary school when she was 5 years old. She came to SDN 004 easily because nothing test there. There was an event that unforgettable when she was a child. At once time, Risna got duty. Strangely, she who had never problem with her task, suddenly felt that her task was very difficult. Ten minutes was expired, she could not finish them. All of her friends had finished. She became very nervous, No one test that she able did, nobody helped her, and do you know what happened later? She cried hysterically. “Oh really it was very embarrassing for me”, Risna said.
In 2001, Risna continued to the secondary school named SMP 1 Muara Kaman. Soon, four months later, she moved to SMP 10 Risna. It is because she was sick. Her body was very thin. You could look her face very shrunk. The doctor said Risna had Tumor. The medicines that she has eaten for 6 months could not able made her Tumor lose. Finally, the doctor and family agreed to operate her. “In that room, I felt worried so much, moreover
the doctor said to me that the failure is big,” Risna said. “I never think to die early”, she continued. “But God have given me opportunity to alive after two hours 30 minutes, I came out from operation room”, the girl who like with poem added while smiling.
After success from operate, Risna`s body began better. “Maybe infuse has about 15 bottles made me look fat until now, hehehe…..” Risna comment with laughing. The black lover continued to MAN 1 in 2004. Before, she had tried to enter SMA 8, but it failed. Although couldn`t enter to SMA 8, Risna never sad.
The best thing is not always same with her willing, is it! MAN 1 has made her personality more and more has quality. In the past, Risna who timid person and silent girl so much, began to grow different. Moreover, MaN 1 had change from Risna who always opened her hair to Risna who always use veil. MAN 1 is the best for her. “ I love so much MAN 1”., Risna just had young brother in 2005 named Ridho said.
The last but not least, in the middle 2007 the chocolate lover graduated from her school and she tried to follow test in Mulawarman University. Obviously, she had opportunity to take English department. First, the woman who has been written more than fifty poems and two short stories could not understand with situation her campus, “ Will volunteer come to help me, please! I don`t know about campus.” Maybe this statement was appearing from her mouth at that time. Nevertheless, she has understood it today. Risna is a person who seldom makes explain how about her personality to her friends. She wants her friends to understand her by themselves. She also include person that made a great effort to keep up appearances if she has any problem.

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